Are You A Good Candidate For Septoplasty?

Doctor in gloves touch woman face.Septoplasty is a broad term describing various surgeries that reshape your nasal septum. It provides relief from nasal discomfort often caused by a deviated septum. The procedure eliminates the need for mouth breathing, allowing you to breathe easily through your nose.

Our team of specialists at DelRey MD in Southern California will assess your condition to determine if septoplasty is the right treatment for you.

Who is a Good Candidate for Septoplasty?

Individuals who are good candidates for septoplasty include our clients with a bent septum. The septum can bend to the left or right, interfering with airflow in your nasal cavities. You may find yourself breathing through your mouth at night. Not only can it interfere with sleep patterns but can also leave you with an uncomfortably dry mouth.

Septoplasty is also performed to remove tumors and to provide relief from sleep apnea.

At DelRey MD, our specialists perform the procedure in-office and clients can expect to return to normal activities in three or four days.

What Does Septoplasty Surgery Involve?

During your consultation with one of the ear, nose, and throat specialists at DelRey MD, an in-office CT scan is performed to see if you have a deviated septum.

Depending on your unique diagnosis, the septoplasty surgery is performed endoscopically or as an open procedure.

A septoplasty is performed entirely inside the nose. The mucosa is either lifted or removed so the septum’s cartilage and bone can be reshaped. After reshaping the bone or cartilage, the mucosa is replaced. Most surgeries only take between 30 and ninety minutes.

Thanks to the specialists at DelRey MD in Marina Del Rey, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and surrounding Southern California, clients experience minimal pain and enjoy a shorter recovery time.

To learn if you are a good candidate for septoplasty, contact the specialists online or call one of their Southern California offices in Marina Del Rey, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and surrounding Southern California to schedule a consultation so you can start breathing easier.

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