Do You Suffer From Sinus Allergies?

woman sitting with blanket freezing blowing running nose sneezing in tissueAre you suffering from itchy eyes and nasal congestion? Do you constantly keep tissues or a handkerchief close by to wipe a runny nose? Anyone answering yes to these questions may be suffering from sinus allergies. Thankfully, the ENT specialists at Del Rey MD can create a treatment plan to alleviate your allergy symptoms.

What are Sinus Allergies?

An allergic reaction occurs when the body comes in contact with a foreign substance. Watery eyes and runny noses are common symptoms, often caused by pollen or pet dander. Sometimes, you feel relief after a sneeze, but other symptoms can make you miserable.

Your body reacts by trying to eliminate the foreign substance. It releases a chemical called histamine in the bloodstream. A large amount of histamine causes inflammation, itching, enlarged blood vessels, increased secretions, and bronchospasms (tightening of muscles that surround the airways).

Sinus symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe. Some examples of common symptoms include:

  • Mild symptoms: a rash, hives, itchiness, watery or red eyes, and a runny nose
  • Moderate symptoms: itchiness, hives, swelling, and trouble breathing. Some of these symptoms like hives can appear anywhere on the body.
  • Severe symptoms: A severe allergic reaction can be life-threatening. This occurs when the body’s response to the allergen is sudden and affects the whole body. It may begin with itching of the eyes or face and quickly develops other symptoms including throat swelling, abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, hives, and/or swelling (angioedema).

The solution for sinus allergies varies according to your unique needs.

How to Diagnose Sinus Allergies

The symptoms associated with sinusitis and allergies are similar. It can make diagnoses difficult. The nationally recognized experts at Del Rey MD use expert diagnostic equipment including allergy skin testing, radioallergosorbent blood test (RAST), and an in-office CT scanner to accurately diagnose your condition.

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Sinuses allergies can make you miserable. Severe symptoms can even be life-threatening. Contact Del Rey MD in California online or call 310-823-4444 to schedule an appointment. They have offices in Long Beach, Bakersfield, and Marina del Rey.

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