Is Ear Congestion A Problem?

Man with earache is holding his aching ear body pain conceptEar and nasal congestion often appear together, but not always. Ear congestion can exist without sinus blockage. It is an irritating feeling when it’s difficult to equalize the pressure in your ears. It can throw off your balance and affect your ability to hear. It may make it difficult to concentrate on conversations or impact your work.

At Del Rey MD in Southern California, our specialists can accurately diagnose your ear condition and recommend a treatment that will correct the problem.

If you are experiencing pressure, stuffiness, fullness, ear pain, or difficulty hearing, contact the ear, nose, and throat experts at Del Rey MD for a consultation.

What Causes Ear Congestion?

Ear congestion can be a part of a sinus issue or indicate your eustachian tubes are blocked or congested. While allergies and sinus issues can result in ear congestion, these are not the only causes.

  • Ear infections are often caused by a virus or bacteria and trap fluid in the middle ear. It is more common in children, but it can also affect adults.
  • Tympanic membrane perforation or a perforated eardrum is a condition that occurs when the eardrum is ruptured or has a hole. Occasional discharge and decreased hearing are common symptoms of the condition. Some clients experience healing without surgery, while others may require outpatient care.
  • Surfer’s ear is a common condition among swimmers and surfers. It is caused by repeated exposure to wind and cold water. The combination of cool wind and cold water causes the ear cant to narrow, trapping water and earwax in the canal. Infections and hearing loss are common symptoms of the condition.
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction can also cause ear congestion. The eustachian tube is a small canal connecting the middle ear to the back of your throat and nose. It equalizes pressure, and when it is blocked, your hearing is often affected. Infections can also occur due to improper fluid drainage.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact the specialists at Del Rey MD in Marina Del Rey, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and surrounding Southern California online to schedule a consultation.

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