Why do I get Sinus Headaches?

Sinus HeadachesIt is estimated that about 35 million Americans suffer from sinus headaches each year. We see many of them every week at our three Del Rey MD offices. Sinus headaches are often painful, frustrating, and sometimes even debilitating, especially if they occur frequently or result from another sinus condition, such as allergies or sinusitis.  

What Causes Sinus Headaches?

Sinus headaches are caused by inflammation in the sinuses, the air-filled cavities inside your forehead, cheekbones, and behind the bridge of your nose. When these cavities become inflamed and filled with fluid, they create pressure on nearby nerves and tissue, resulting in a dull or throbbing pain in the face. 

One of the most common causes is a sinus infection, which is when your sinuses become inflamed and filled with mucus. This can happen because of a cold, allergies, or even a deviated septum. Patients often report pressure around the eyes, cheekbones, and forehead, as well as the aforementioned throbbing of a headache.

How Do I Treat My Headache?

These types of headaches can occur for a variety of reasons. The first step is determining the underlying cause of your headache and developing a treatment plan from there. The Del Ray MD team uses a variety of tactics to diagnose the root cause of sinus headaches. For example, your headache might be related to an infection such as a cold or flu virus. If so, antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and clear the infection. 

In addition to prescription medication, we often recommend several home remedies that can help ease sinus headaches. Saline sprays and warm compresses over your face can help relieve congestion. In addition, sleeping with your head elevated on pillows, which helps drain off mucous from blocked-up cavities

Sinus headaches are a painful, but all too common condition for millions of Americans. If your headache is long-lasting or impacts your day-to-day activities, we recommend that you see your doctor for an assessment. Schedule your appointment with the Del Ray MD team at one of our three convenient Southern California locations in Marina Del Rey (310-823-4444), Long Beach (562-774-0844), or Bakersfield (661-695-8627). 

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