WHAT is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis, the inflammation or swelling of sinus tissues and drainage pathways, is a common condition that affects over 31 million adults in the US. Despite medication, symptoms persist, negatively impacting the lives of sufferers, including both adults and children. At Del Rey MD, we're committed to helping you reclaim your health by navigating the journey of sinusitis management.

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WHAT Causes Sinusitis?

Chronic sinusitis results from a multitude of factors, including:

  • Infections
  • Bacteria
  • Allergies
  • Inflammation of the nasal linings
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WHAT are Sinusitis Symptoms?

Diagnosing sinusitis can be challenging due to its wide array of symptoms. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis from an ENT specialist is essential for establishing an effective treatment plan. Symptoms may include:

  • Pain and/or pressure in the face around the eyes, nose, jaw and teeth
  • Exhaustion from low sleep quality due to congestion and pain
  • Low grade fever
  • Continual stuffy nose caused by swelling in the nasal passages, resulting in difficult breathing and congestion
  • Obstructed nasal passages
  • Diminished sense of smell and taste
  • Headaches
  • Postnasal drip, or mucus trickling down the back of the nose into the throat
  • Nasal discharge, or mucus that is green, yellow or cloudy and is draining from the nose

WHAT are the Different Sinusitis Variants?

Sinusitis is generally categorized into three primary types: acute, chronic, and recurrent. While they exhibit similar symptoms, they vary in duration and recurrence frequency.

  • Acute Sinusitis: This type typically follows a cold and is brief, usually lasting from one week to 10 days.
    • Subacute Sinusitis: If your infection lingers for 6 weeks and then improves, it is considered a subacute illness.
  • Chronic Sinusitis: An infection lasting 12 weeks or longer qualifies as chronic sinusitis. While symptom severity may fluctuate, complete resolution is unlikely.
  • Recurrent Sinusitis: Identified as four or more acute sinus infections in one calendar year, recurrent sinusitis sufferers may experience temporary relief from symptoms between each episode, but the infections will persist.

WHAT are the Treatment Options for Sinusitis?

Those experiencing sinusitis have a range of treatment options available that include interventions ranging from over-the-counter medications to surgical procedures.

  • Medications: Your symptoms, their severity, and how long they've lasted will all play a role in deciding which medications to use for alleviating your symptoms. Our physician may suggest various options, including prescription medications, over-the-counter aids, and home remedies.
  • Balloon Sinuplasty: Balloon sinuplasty, also referred to as balloon sinus dilation, is a minimally invasive procedure performed in-office. It gently enlarges your natural sinus openings, providing relief for drainage issues and correcting nasal anatomy.
Sinus Dilation
  • Sinus Surgery: Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is a potential treatment for some individuals with sinusitis. FESS focuses on improving nasal anatomy to enhance sinus drainage by expanding natural sinus openings. Balloon sinuplasty can be used in conjunction with a FESS procedure as well.

Let Del Rey MD Help

At Del Rey MD, our dedicated team specializes in assessing sinusitis and crafting individualized treatment plans for each patient. We prioritize attentive listening, thorough evaluation, and tailored solutions for specific sinus conditions. With our expertise in managing sinusitis, we ensure accurate diagnoses to help you breathe optimally. Don't endure another day – schedule an appointment and regain control of your life!

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