Are You Suffering From Chronic Sinusitis?

girl having symptoms of chronic sinusitis diseaseChronic sinusitis doesn’t affect everyone the same, but it can have a devasting effect on your quality of life. If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis, you are not alone. An estimated one in five prescriptions for antibiotics are for adults suffering from the condition.

Did You Also Know There Are Two Types of Sinusitis?

Viral sinusitis is a common result of a viral upper respiratory infection that affects the lining of your nasal and facial cavities. Bacterial sinus infections are caused by bacteria in the lining of your sinuses and nasal cavities

The treatments are different for each condition, but you have solutions for your chronic sinusitis at DelRey MD in Southern California.

How is Chronic Sinusitis Diagnosed?

At DelRey MD, one of our doctors will obtain detailed information on your symptoms. A physical exam is also performed to check for tenderness around your nose and face. Our ENT specialist may also perform an examination to check for polyps, tumors, or a deviated septum.

Other procedures routinely performed during the exam can include an in-office CT scan to look for signs of inflammation or blockage. Advanced chronic sinusitis conditions may involve taking a sample of your nasal discharge. Tests are performed to check for fungi or bacteria.

Allergies can also cause chronic sinusitis. Your doctor may do a skin test or a blood test to determine the reason for your nasal flare-ups.

DelRey MD Offers Non-Surgical Solutions

DelRey MD offers non-surgical solutions to treat chronic sinusitis. These include various types of corticosteroids. Nasal corticosteroids can treat inflammation. Severe and advanced cases are often treated with oral or injected corticosteroids.

Saline nasal spray can improve drainage and minimize allergy symptoms.

Other treatments commonly used at DelRey MD include antibiotics for bacterial infections and allergy shots. Steroid injections are a treatment option but are typically only prescribed when the other types of treatments do not relieve sinusitis symptoms.

These are only a few of the treatments offered at DelRey MD.

Get Relief From Your Chronic Sinusitis Pain

Chronic sinusitis doesn’t have to control your life. You can get relief from the pain and pressure. Contact DelRey MD online to schedule an appointment at one of their Southern California offices. You can also call one of the offices at 562 774-0844.

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