Common Causes of Nasal Obstruction

Nasal Obstruction Surgery Nasal obstruction is defined as anything that obstructs airflow within the nasal passages. A wide variety of things can cause nasal obstruction, and the severity of each case depends on the individual. Your treatment option, like nasal obstruction surgery, for nasal obstruction will likely look different, depending on the cause. Let’s take a look at some common causes of nasal obstruction, so you can better understand what treatment is best for you.

Deviated Septum

The septum is the thin layer of tissue that separates your two nasal passages. A deviated septum is where this tissue becomes deformed and physically obstructs breathing. A deviated septum can be present from birth, caused by an injury, or can be caused by a complication of surgery.

Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are growths of tissues that can develop in the nasal passageway. These growths are not cancerous and hang down like teardrops. Nasal polyps can become large or numerous enough to cause nasal obstruction. Nasal polyps are caused by chronic inflammation. Autoimmune conditions, repeated infections, allergies, or certain medications could cause this.

Enlarged Turbinates

Turbinates are the thin bony plates inside of your nose. While it’s not clear why turbinates swell, swollen or enlarged turbinates can restrict or prevent airflow in the nostrils. This can cause nasal obstruction. It is believed that allergies, long colds, or overuse of decongestant sprays may cause your turbinates to enlarge.

Cancer or Tumors

Cancer is where damaged DNA and cells replicate and multiply. These cancerous cells will continue to grow and develop growths called tumors. These tumors can grow inside the nasal passageway and cause nasal obstruction. Even non-cancerous tumors can occasionally grow inside the nose.

Seeking Treatment

Nasal obstruction will affect your day-to-day routine, no matter what is causing it. Struggling to breathe through your nose can cause issues with sleep, dry mouth, and a general reduction in quality of life. Thankfully, our team of doctors with Del Rey MD provides nasal obstruction surgery to correct and remove anything that is blocking your nasal passages. Our doctors will provide a comprehensive consultation where we will discuss your condition and walk you through what treatment will look like. If you’re having issues with nasal obstruction, contact Del Rey MD at 310-823-4444 for our Los Angeles office, 562-774-0844 for our Long Beach office, and 661-695-8627 for our Bakersfield office.

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