Can Allergies Go Away on Their Own?

allergy treatmentsA stuffy nose, headache, watery or itchy eyes, and other allergy symptoms can ruin your day and disrupt your life. A survey study of over 40,000 Americans found that people can develop allergies they otherwise didn’t have.

But did you know that allergies may resolve themselves? To understand how this can happen, let’s take a look at what allergies are. Even if your allergies don’t miraculously vanish, don’t worry; we’ll also cover how allergy symptom relief and allergy treatment is possible.

What Are Allergies?

Allergies are the immune system reacting to something known as an allergen. Whatever the foreign substance is, from pollen to food, once your body creates an antibody, your immune system’s way of recognizing and flagging foreign items, you will experience allergy symptoms.

The severity of allergy symptoms depends on your immune system. The greater the alarm sounded, the more severe the symptoms may be.

Allergies can form due to any exposure, but they can be hereditary. Exposure to allergens after immune system suppression, such as from medication or prolonged illness, can also lead to the development of allergies.

Can Allergies Go Away? 

Studies show that allergies can disappear with time. Many studies found this phenomenon to be true with children. As they aged, their allergic response waned if it did not outright disappear.

Scientists believe the reason for this is gradual and consistent exposure to the allergen. Scientists also believe this process of exposure to possibly eliminate allergies or probably reduce their symptoms can be replicated.

Allergy Treatments at Del Rey MD

Allergy treatments are possible. If over-the-counter medicines are proving ineffective in the face of your allergy symptoms, immunotherapy at Del Rey MD may be able to help you.

Utilizing the same idea that scientists believe can help reduce allergy symptoms, allergy shots can help introduce small amounts of allergens to your body in order to reduce the immune response they produce.

Studies show that immunotherapy can be effective for long-term symptom relief.

At Del Rey MD, our team is dedicated to you and your care. While immunotherapy may help bring allergy relief, if you are suffering instead from sinusitis, for example, which may exhibit just like allergies, you may need an entirely different treatment. We are proud to be able to offer comprehensive care from diagnosis to treatment to follow-up.

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