Top 3 Conditions Treated by an ENT

ENTKnowing when to go to the doctor is just as important as going to see them. Sometimes, the reason you feel fatigued could be because you need to take a nap. Other times, it could be the symptom of a deviated septum causing sleeping issues.

Let’s take a look at common conditions that might require you to visit an ear, nose, or throat specialist for relief and treatment.

Deviated Septum Treatment With ENT 

When the thin wall that separates your nasal passages shifts to one side, you develop a deviated septum. The condition can be genetic, or it can be caused by injury.

Common symptoms of deviated septums include pressure or pain around the nose, dry mouth, oral health issues as you may need to almost exclusively breathe out the mouth, and trouble with sleep due to the inability to breathe through your nose properly.

An ENT can help fix the deviated septum through a simple outpatient procedure.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Can Be Treated By ENT

Sleep apnea affects nearly 30 million Americans. The condition can severely impact sleep and come with serious consequences, from negatively impacting heart health to leading to extreme fatigue.

Though less serious, snoring is similar to sleep apnea in that it can be caused by blockages to the air passageways. The difference between the two is that snoring is caused by partial blockage, still allowing for breathing, while sleep apnea is a total blockage preventing any breathing.

An ENT specialist can help provide long-term relief and allow you to have a full night’s rest by addressing the blockage or obstruction.

Ear Condition Treatments Offered By ENT

The ear, nose, and throat specialist can treat a variety of ear conditions.

Ear infections are a common ear condition treated. In the event that the middle ear doesn’t drain properly, this trapped fluid can be a site for bacterial or viral infections. If left untreated, you may leave yourself susceptible to repeat infections.

If you are facing ear pain while swallowing, ringing of the ears, or other ear discomfort, an ENT may be able to help.

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The ENT can treat a variety of issues, more than the three listed above. Rhinitis, a common inflammatory disorder affecting the nose, and swallowing disorders are just a few of the other disorders you can find relief for at the ENT.

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