Common Signs and Symptoms of Voice and Swallowing Disorders

Attractive,Brunette,Sitting,On,Bed,With,Sore,ThroatIt is not always easy to know when a person has a voice or swallowing disorder. For many people, this is a condition that may not seem like a disorder but perhaps the start of a cold or a cough. Other times, a person may not realize there is anything wrong because they have had these symptoms for a long time.

A swallowing disorder affects the function of the vocal cords and the ability to swallow. These disorders can result from various causes, such as neurological issues, trauma, or lifestyle factors.

Common Signs Not to Ignore

The following are some of the most common symptoms of a voice and swallowing disorder, all of which should be taken seriously by visiting an ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT) for a full diagnosis.

  • A feeling of having a lump in the back of the throat
  • Having a hoarse-sounding voice often
  • Laryngitis, or loss of the voice
  • Post-nasal drip symptoms
  • Excessive mucus buildup in the throat or back of the mouth
  • Chronic need to clear your throat

Many times, a person may believe they “swallowed wrong” or something they ate or drank did not “go down the right way.” All of these are very common complications that can relate to a voice or swallowing disorder, especially when they occur frequently. Many times, a person may develop these conditions over time, and they can worsen to include coughing, acid reflux, and throat pain.

If you have any of these symptoms of a voice disorder or swallowing disorder, or you spot them in your child or older adult family member, it is time to schedule an appointment.

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