What Is Rhinitis, and Why Does It Make My Allergies So Bad?

rhinitis-treatmentRhinitis can be a debilitating condition or direct cause of your allergies that can hinder breathing through the nose and cause irritation. From itchy, watery eyes to constant sneezing and discharge, rhinitis is a frustrating condition to deal with, especially in the summer months. Right when you want to get outside and enjoy the weather, your body seems to reject the air. That’s why the team at Del Rey MD wants to give you more info about this condition and how you can seek out rhinitis treatment. Continue reading or give us a call at (310) 823-4444.

How Do I Know if I Have Bad Allergies or Rhinitis?

Allergies typically vary in severity and do not persist for long periods. Maybe they occur daily but fade in and out depending on what you’re exposed to. Rhinitis, on the other hand, is consistent inflammation in the nose that causes your body to release histamine. This causes constant irritation and can cause itchy, watery eyes, along with an irritated nose that continuously produces discharge. The mucus from rhinitis is thick and usually discolored so much so that it does not drain properly and can lead to an irritating phlegm feeling in the back of the throat that leads to coughing and overall irritation. On top of this, any exposure to allergens like pollen or dust will worsen these symptoms, which generally leads to staying indoors, rather than enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

What Causes Rhinitis?

Rhinitis comes in a few varied forms and is usually brought on by usual allergy symptoms. Hence why it can be confusing at times in terms of what is going on with your body. However, it can also be triggered by things like medications, hormone imbalances, viral infections, and many things in between. With that being said, it’s incredibly important to come in and have a consultation with Del Rey MD. Due to so many factors being the potential cause for Rhinitis, you may continue suffering with symptoms without ever truly knowing what the cause may be. This is especially true if you seek typical over-the-counter medications to help with symptoms. You’ll feel partially better but over time and continuous exposure to the irritant you could develop chronic Rhinitis.


Some treatments are as simple as the removal or alteration of the trigger. This is prevalent in situations where a new medication is causing the reactions. However, for more involved cases there are solutions like Balloon Sinus Dilation, ClarifexⓇ, or RhinAer. Which involves the incorporation of devices to relieve inflammation, expand the sinuses, and calm sensitive nerves through a procedure.

Treatment begins with a phone call to Del Rey MD. We’ll schedule a detailed but short consultation and guide you through the treatment option that will provide you with the best relief for your Rhinitis. You can reach our Marina Del Rey location at (310) 823-4444.

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