What Treatment Options Do I Have for Chronic Sinusitis?

sinusitis-treatmentChronic Sinusitis can lead to continuous pain and discomfort in the face and nasal passages. So much so that you can become demotivated from doing the things you love as your nose is always causing issues it seems. But the good news is that there is a wide selection of sinusitis treatment options that can help you quell or get over this chronic condition entirely. Del Rey MD is here to inform you of these options and help you find the right one for you. Continue reading to find out more, or give us a call at (310) 823-4444.


All corticosteroids are meant to directly treat the inflammation of the nostrils caused by sinusitis. This assists with swelling and allows for improved breathing and less pain in the afflicted areas. This treatment option can be done in several ways from oral pills to injections, to nasal sprays. In any format, this treatment method is meant for severe symptoms to provide relief fast. However, with that being said these are strong treatment methods that should only be used sparingly to treat severe symptoms. Meaning we typically recommend it for those that are rarely affected by sinusitis. However, for those that have it to a chronic level, we will issue this treatment to relieve your symptoms until we can start another treatment plan for the long term.


We touched on this briefly in the above section, but other types of injectables can be used to help treat chronic sinusitis. These injections typically use steroids or something like dupilumab or omalizumab. The steroid injections are usually only recommended for patients whose sinusitis is resisting other treatment methods. A concentrated steroid injection can break the pattern and allow for more successful treatment methods in the future if it doesn’t treat it outright. Otherwise, if you are prone to nasal polyps alongside chronic sinusitis, dupilumab, and omalizumab injections can help to reduce their size and the amount of congestion present.


Immunotherapy shots can be a great way to reduce chronic sinusitis in the long term. Desensitizing your body to active pollutants and debris in the air can help with reducing inflammation when they are present in the future. This is also a great treatment for general allergy conditions, which can contribute to worsening your sinusitis. It is also a great example of what we mentioned prior about using something strong up front like corticosteroids to cure your immediate symptoms and then moving to immunotherapy to build off of that in the long term. Our goal at Del Rey MD is to ensure you have consistent relief from your chronic condition without having to rely too heavily on steroid use.

We hope you found this information relieving knowing that there is treatment waiting for you. And before we decide upon which method is best for you, we will have an in-depth consultation to ensure we’re getting you the best results possible. So don’t wait, give us a call at Del Rey MD and let’s get your first appointment set up at our Marina Del Rey, CA, location. You can reach us at (310) 823-4444.

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